Ardhanareeswarar temple, Tiruchengode

Arthanareeshwara temple is an ancient Hindu temple, located in Tiruchengode, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Arthanāreeshwarā, the unique half-male half-female of Lord Shiva. It is perhaps the only temple in Asia where this rare form of the Divine is enshrined as the principal deity. The deity here is also known as Madhorubagan and Ammaiyappan (mother-father). The famous Chenkottu Velavar Temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan, is also situated on the same hill.

Namakkal Anjineyar Temple

One of the famous Temple you must see in Namakkal is the “Anjaneyar Kovil” which is located in Kottai road opposite to Narasimha Temple. It was carved out of a single stone and is said to be of 18 feet high. There are some speculations spreading locally that, its height has been increasing each and every day. You will be amazed to see that most of these temples bear a superficial architectural resemblance with each other as they share the similar physical features – Gopurams and the Vimana.